Outdoor wall lamps

Want to buy county style outdoor wall lamps?

Do you have plans to illuminate your facade, fence, front door or with outdoor wall lamps? At Manves outdoor lighting you will find the most beautiful wall fixtures for installing the most beautiful mood lighting or wall lighting for outside on the wall. Are you specifically looking for architectural outdoor wall lamps that you want to strategically place to illuminate the dark shadows at your entrance, balcony, outdoor kitchen or stable door? At Manves garden lighting you will find various outdoor wall lamps with a square, hexagonal, round or flat shape and are made of the metals as source, copper, brass and high-quality aluminum. In addition, all outdoor wall lamps in our range come with a warranty period of three years on the paintwork and ten years on materials such as bronze and copper. Do you have a stable door, coach house, back door, garden shed or shed that you want to illuminate with outdoor wall lights, but would you like more information first? Please contact us about installing our nostalgic, semi-classical, sleek or old-fashioned outdoor wall lamps. One of our employees will inform you about the applications and placement of our exclusive wall lamps as facade lighting or wall lighting for outside.


Outdoor wall lamps in different shapes and styles

Would you like to purchase nostalgic outdoor wall lamps for the facade, next to the front door, or against the fence to create romantic mood lighting? At Manves outdoor lighting you will find various outdoor wall lamps and round, quadrangular, hexagonal and flat outdoor fixtures for the wall or wall of a rural home or monumental commercial building. Our architectural outdoor wall lamps fit perfectly with a building with a rustic, Kempen, Old Dutch, Renaissance or 20th century architectural style. We also supply various outdoor wall lamps with a semi-classical, Italian, French and presbytery style design for both indoor and outdoor use. By strategically placing one outdoor wall lamp or several outdoor wall lamps on the facade, you can illuminate the dark shadow areas with one of our light fixtures. In addition, all aluminum outdoor wall lamps are coated with a high-quality powder coating that comes with a long warranty period of no less than three years. On our copper, bronze, brass and nickel outdoor wall lamps you receive a warranty period of ten years on the material. If you are a fan of, for example, quadrangular outdoor wall lamps, round bronze facade lighting, hexagonal wall lantern lighting or flat or half-wall atmospheric lighting, you will always succeed in our user-friendly webshop. In short, if you have a spacious villa, notary-style home, royal coach house, modern bungalow or an old-fashioned restaurant that you want to illuminate with classic or rural outdoor wall lamps, Manves outdoor lighting has a wide choice. For a luxurious finish, Manves garden lighting mounts all round, quadrangular, hexagonal, flat and half outdoor wall lamps with a real clear glass window or a round glass beaker made of real glass and a white porcelain lamp holder for a light source with E-27 lamp base. For example, you can equip our outdoor wall lamps and wall lanterns with a decorative filament lamp, classic LED light bulb, energy-efficient energy-saving lamp or a sensor-controlled light source from our range. Our die-cast aluminum light fixtures and cast aluminum outdoor wall lights are also available online in old-fashioned black or dark, canals or antique green so that you can combine them with the colors of your frame, front door, barn door or back door. In addition, all wall fixtures and outdoor wall lights are equipped with a wall bracket with pre-drilled mounting holes so that you can easily anchor a light fixture by means of steel hanger bolts from our page with mounting material and connection material. For more questions about the shapes, styles or applications of our outdoor wall lamps, please contact Manves outdoor lighting customer service.

Outside wall lamps made of aluminium, bronze and copper.

If you want to purchase high-quality outdoor wall lamps that you will enjoy for years, manves outdoor lighting has the best fixtures at competitive prices. For example, we sell solid aluminum outdoor wall lamps in an old-fashioned black or canal green variant that are ideal for use as wall mood lighting for outside. You will also succeed directly in our webshop for brass ship lamps for outside on the wall or for against the ceiling. If you are specifically looking for an exclusive bronze outdoor wall lamp with a copper cover, you will find it in our page with classic and rural facade lighting. In short, at Manves outdoor lighting you will find high-quality outdoor wall lamps of only A-quality and these outdoor fixtures come with a long-term warranty of three years and ten years on metals such as bronze, copper, nickel and brass. For example, our outdoor wall lamps are extremely suitable for luxury homes with a monumental ambiance and by means of our metal accent lighting you can emphasize certain places on the facade. But we also supply various outdoor wall lamps with the necessary plugs and steel hanger bolts with brass cap nuts for metal wall spotlights and outdoor wall lamps for mounting on a wooden beam, hard stone wall, brick garden wall and concrete shed. To give you an impression of our collection with bronze outdoor wall lamps, copper outdoor fixtures, brass outdoor wall lamps and aluminum facade lamps, we have listed a number of fixtures for you below:

  • Bronze outdoor wall lamp
  • Brass ship lamps lighting
  • Copper wall lighting for on the facade
  • Nickel mood lamps for next to the front door
  • Die-cast aluminum outdoor wall lamps in Italian design

Placing outdoor wall lamps in different places

Do you have a house with a rustic charming, trendy cool, romantic, vida or presbytery style and are you looking for matching outdoor wall lamps to enhance this ambiance? Our outdoor wall lamps generally have a 20th century architectural style design and are a perfect match for a restaurant or hotel with a monumental facade. Place an outdoor wall lamp, wall lamp, outdoor lamp next to the front door, balcony door, barn door or stable door to illuminate the dark shadows around this entrance. But you can also contact Manves outdoor lighting for architectural wall lighting, French stable lamps, Italian outdoor wall lamps and rustic wall mood lighting. For example, our outdoor wall lamps are extremely suitable for placing on the wall of your balcony, garden shed, garage, carport or other buildings. If you are looking for extra large monumental mood lamps or outdoor wall lamps with a nostalgic touch, we sell various large wall fixtures with a high lampshade and a long wall support that protrudes far from the wall to illuminate the entire facade. Have you seen an outdoor wall lamp in our range or at a competitive website and would you like to have it copied or adapted to size for the wall of, for example, a stable, farmhouse, HomeAway, extension, patio cover or spacious villa? of our employees. Call our helpdesk via our telephone number and let us know about the possibilities. In short, if you are looking for monumental outdoor wall lamps or luxurious wall lamps for outside on the wall, a natural stone wall, wooden extension, double carport, office, penthouse or roof terrace, you will find several outdoor wall lamps in our range that match these buildings and buildings. You can always find the most beautiful antique lantern lighting and old-fashioned outdoor wall lamps and mood lighting wall fixtures in the Manves outdoor lighting store.

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