Exterior door fittings

Want to buy iron or brass exterior door hardware?

Do you want to decorate your front door with old-fashioned exterior door hardware and fittings made of brass, bronze, cast iron or wrought iron? At Manves located in Elst we are selling exclusive outer door hardware that connect to a home with a pastoral style, nostalgic, antique or Old Dutch building style. In our page with rural and country style exterior door hardware you will find several door knockers with an lion head ornament, wrought iron letterbox plates, high quality pulling doorbells and door knobs made of massive bronze, cast iron or brass. Next to it you will create an inviting look with our door decoration and you will give your entrance a breathtaking ambiance. Our outside door fittings and hardware are also supplied with a reassuring guarantee period of no less than three years on the materials as bronze, copper, brass, stainless steel, and wrought iron. In short, do you want to equip your masonry columns with a horizontal letterbox flap or are you looking for an architectural door knocker to create a special architecture style than you will always succeed in our page with hinges and locks. Do you have questions about our old door grilles and grates, rustic door rosettes or robust front doorbells from our page with classic exterior door hardware and fittings you can contact our customer service.

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