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Standing outdoor lamps

Want to buy rural standing outdoor lamps

Lighting up your garden with a classic standing outdoor lamp? At Manves outdoor lighting you can find a diversity of standing outdoor lamps for outside on the terrace, driveway, pond or in the garden. If you are thinking about a standing classic outdoor lantern, rural garden lantern, nostalgic outdoor lamp or a rustic lantern pole. Besides that are our classic standing outdoor lamps and outdoor lanterns available in metals like aluminum, cast iron, bronze, copper and durable brass. Place our standing outdoor lighting, outdoor lamps and garden lighting in the yard of a farm, riding school or rural house for a fairy tale look. Are you curious about our collection of classic standing outdoor lamps and street lighting? Feel free to take a look at our page of classic, nostalgic and rural standing outdoor lamps for outside in the garden or next to the street.


High & Low classic standing outdoor lamps

Planning to provide your terrace or driveway with standing outdoor lamps? At Manves outdoor lighting and outdoor lamps you can find a big assortment of classic terrace lighting for outside in the garden, on the fence or gate. Take a standing outdoor lamps an example or multiple standing outdoor lamps with a decorative pedestal with French Lillies and curls. Place these standing outdoor lamps on the column of your gate and give your driveway allure with our classic, nostalgic and rural outdoor lighting. Besides that are our standing lamps LED, outdoor lamps and garden lighting available in various sizes and materials. Place a hexagon lampshade on a low pedestal as column lamp or assemble a loose lantern shade on a high lantern pole for the ideal outdoor lantern and outdoor pedestal lamps. Our standing outdoor lamps will be delivered in the colors black or antique green, provided with a double layered powder coating lacquer layer for weather-resistant properties. You can also create your very own garden lantern by putting it together with our loose components. In our assortment of pedestals and lampshades you can find outdoor lighting components to create your very own classic standing outdoor lamp. Do you have standing outdoor lamps and is the lantern in need of replacement? Then you find this in our page of lampshades. Besides us selling standing outdoor lanterns and garden lanterns only we also help you with standing street lighting for outside next to the road. Think of a high lantern pole or street lantern as classic outdoor lighting. In our page of lantern poles you can find a diversity of standing lighting columns and outdoor lamps with one, three or five light lampshades. But also for a standing wall lamp or a standing wall lantern we can help. Place a classic wall lamp, rural facade lamp or nostalgic standing wall lantern against the wall, facade or fence for the wished effect. Are you specifically looking for a pedestal lamp, terrace lamp, standing lamp, ground spot or a standing front door lamp then you will succeed in our page of classic outdoor garden lighting, rural outdoor lighting and nostalgic outdoor lamps. Have you seen a standing outdoor lamp, terrace lamp, garden lamp or a standing garden lantern that you are interested in but would you like to know some extra information about it before you buy it in our website? Then feel free to contact one of our employees and let you inquire about the possibilities of our standing classic outdoor lamps.

Standing outdoor lamps in several materials

Are you looking for standing outdoor lamps but do you wanna choose out of several materials? In our user-friendly website we sell several standing outdoor lamps, garden lighting, house lighting and outdoor lighting made of high-quality materials. Think of a standing outdoor lantern, garden lantern and outdoor lamp made of aluminum, cast iron, wrought iron or durable stainless steel. Besides that are our classic standing outdoor lamps available with a lampshade of copper, bronze, brass, nickel and hardend steel. These standing outdoor lampshade have weather resistant properties because of the use these high-quality materials and can stay outside throughout the whole year. Besides, our standing outdoor lamps will be delivered with a warranty period of three years on the aluminum material and at least ten years and the metals like copper, brass and bronze. Place a standing outdoor lamp with a pedestal made of aluminum and a round copper lid not to the front door for atmospheric lighting. Also next to the terrace for an exclusive look. Also for in the garden with a old-fashioned garden concept you can find plenty of choices in our webshop. In our page of standing garden lighting and outdoor lamps you can find several standing bronze and copper lamps, applicable as ground spot, house lighting, terrace lighting and floor lighting. Have you become curious about our collection of classic and rural standing outdoor lamps? To give you an general impression of our outdoor lamps we have put a few outdoor lamps, outdoor lighting, house lighting and garden lighting suggestions down below:

  • Standing five-light outdoor lantern
  • Garden lantern round with copper lid
  • Standing terrace lamp with bronze lantern
  • Standing pedestal lamp with aluminum pedestal
  • Brass standing outdoor lamp with a square lampshade

Applications for standing outdoor lamps

Are you curious about the possibilities of our standing outdoor lamps and garden lighting? The classic standing outdoor lamps, outdoor lanterns, lantern poles and garden lanterns at Manves are ideally applicable for rural and nostalgic garden design. Place a country style standing lantern next to a driveway or assemble a standing outdoor lamp made of aluminum on the terrace as an atmospheric terrace lighting. Besides that are our standing lamps, garden spots, ground spots, front door lamps extremely suitable for a farm, riding school, manor, mansion and rural residence. Our classic. And rural standing outdoor lamps are extremely decorative for a barn, garden house, stables or outbuilding. Provide our classic standing outdoor lamps, robust outdoor table lamp, rural garden lighting, nostalgic outdoor lighting and rustic project lighting with an energy-efficient LED light source with a motion sensor. Do you have a gate and would you like to see it provided with a standing pedestal lamp, outdoor lamp, column lamp or a standing terrace lamp? Then you can find these in our page of garden lighting. Have you seen a standing lamp in our webshop but would you like to know some more information about the possibilities of this lamp? Then feel free to contact us through our phone number 085-0656430 or send an e-mail to for extra information about our outdoor lamps. Decorate you garden, terrace, driveway, facade or wall with the classic standing outdoor lamps, garden lamp, garden lighting and outdoor lighting of Manves outdoor lighting.

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