Classic Outdoor Lighting & Garden Lighting

At Manves you have a large choice out of outdoor lighting and garden lighting with a classical and rural ambiance. You can find in our assortment with classical outdoor lighting and rural outdoor lighting a diversity with rural outdoor lamps, outdoor lighting and garden lighting, in different types, sizes and styles. Are you looking for great offers on rural wall lighting or are you searching for the best price on classic lampposts, at Manves you can buy them for a competitive price. Our classic outdoor lamps are suitable for outside in the garden, next to the terrace or at the pond. Also for maritime outdoor lighting or nautical lamps, Manves has carefully assembled a beautiful classical assortment. In this page with classic outdoor lighting you will find old ship lights made of copper, brass or durable nickel. In addition, our classic outdoor lighting consists partly of a stock with French stable lamps. A French stall lamp is ideally suited as a classic or rural stable lighting for a tough or industrial look. Have you purchased classic garden lighting or rural outdoor lighting, but do you want to replace it with new parts? At Manves you can find a large collection with classical spare parts for classic wall outdoor lighting and standing garden lighting. For example, if you are looking for loose glass for a classic outdoor lamp or are you searching for a wall bracket for a rural wall lamp, you can find them in our user friendly webshop. Also for a classic garden lantern as rural garden lighting or a high lamppost as classic outdoor lighting you will find a suitable solution. To complete this image, Manves offers a standard three year warranty on the collection with classic outdoor lamps, outdoor lighting, garden lighting and rural garden lamps. With the exception of our bronze lamps, this classic outdoor lighting we deliver with a warranty period of at least ten years. In addition, our classic wall lighting, outdoor lighting classic and rural garden lighting are very suitable for mounting an energy saving LED light source, light bulb or a efficient saving lamp, equipped with a sensor or motion detector. Do you want to know more about our outdoor lighting classic and garden lighting in classical, rural and country style or ambiance? Then contact our customer service about the possibilities of our classic outdoor lighting and rural garden lighting. Our customer service is 7 days a week available for telephonic support.

Outdoor Lighting in various Styles

In addition to our collection of classic outdoor lighting and country style outdoor lamps, Manves also offers lamps with a Bohemian design, Gothic, 'Kempisch', Baroque or Renaissance architectural style. For example, place a romantic outdoor wall lamp or pole lamp with a 20th century architecture style next to the front door, outdoor kitchen, balcony, roof terrace, penthouse or apartment for a nostalgic and luxurious look. We also sell robust pastoral style light poles with an old Dutch look online. Place an authentic outdoor standing lamp or historic lamp posts alongside a driveway, courtyard, flower garden or garden path for a royal or regal look and illuminate your dark corners. In addition to an antique aluminium light fixture, you can also come to us for an exclusive bronze garden lantern, French carriage lantern, atmospheric light fixture or an old-fashioned copper garden lamp to create a breathtaking ambiance. Place a rustic lantern lamp in the garden of your villa, restaurant, shop, farm, estate, pavilion or bed and breakfast and illuminate it with atmospheric lighting with a lush touch. Our standing garden lamps and shed lamps are equipped with really clear glass. You can also equip these with an energy-efficient LED light source, lamp with day and night sensor, architectural carbon filament lamp with motion detector or an authentic galley lamp with twilight switch or light sensor for mood lighting as accent lighting and basic lighting. In addition, you can also opt for industrial pendant luminaries and trendy pendant lamps for above the table of your veranda, covered outdoor kitchen, patio cover or double carport. In short, the Manves collection includes iron façade lighting, brass garden lighting, rustic and/or charming outdoor lighting, retro vintage outdoor lamps, baroque pillar lighting and nostalgic garden spots and ground spots for illuminating dark shadow spots in your garden, terrace, façade, shed or street. For more information about our traditional wall lighting, stylish bronze garden lighting, spherical globe-shaped garden lighting and charming standing outdoor lamps, please contact the lighting experts at Manves outdoor lighting.

Wall Lamps and standing Garden Lamps

In our webshop with classic and country style outdoor lighting you will find over 3500 products. Our authentic outdoor lamps are available in a classic, rural or nostalgic style. But you can also visit us for modern sensor lighting, design outdoor lighting and handmade garden lighting. If you are looking for specific outdoor lighting or lamps such as rural standing outdoor lanterns, classic hanging pendant lamps, chain lamps, lamp posts en poles or spotlights, then you will find them in our wide product range with outdoor lighting and garden lighting. With the classic and rural lamps from Manves you give your home, garden or driveway an exclusive and timeless look. We also sell the most beautiful rustic garden lighting and classic outdoor lights for a classic old country house, rural farmhouse or nostalgic mansion. Place our classic outdoor lighting or garden lighting under the veranda or porch, on the wall and facade or hang a classic ceiling lamp above the dining table or outdoor kitchen as garden lighting for the desired effect. In addition, Manves always has the right garden lighting, outdoor lighting or lantern lamp for indoors or outdoors in stock. By producing our own classic outdoor lighting and garden lighting, we can deliver it quickly throughout Europe. If you cannot find an outdoor lamp or garden lamp in our webshop that matches your LED outdoor lighting or garden lighting, we can still put together the correct outdoor lighting based on your given specifications. In short, for wall lamps, street lighting, hanging lamps and standing garden lamps you always succeed in the online shop of Manves street lighting. Would you like more information about the possibilities of putting together your own classic outdoor lighting or rural garden lighting? Please contact one of our employees about our innovative lighting techniques, classic outdoor lighting and rural garden lighting in monumental style.

Modern Indoor Lighting & Indoor Lamps

Would you like to equip your interior with a modern ceiling spotlight, trendy up-down wall lamp or a retro ceiling lamp? At Manves in Elst you can now also go for high quality indoor lighting for against the wall, the ceiling or next to the bed in your bedroom. We have an extensive category with bedroom lighting, toilet lighting, kitchen lighting, living room lighting and dining table indoor lighting. Think of a night light with reading lamp, glass ceiling lamp with amber, chrome or gray smoked glass or a ceiling spotlight with 1 or 4 spotlights. We also supply our indoor lighting with the necessary mounting material and a manual for quick installation. In addition, our up down lamps are available with an integrated LED or PCB teaching panel with a high number of burning hours. A number of our up & down wall lamps are also suitable for both indoor wall lighting or facade outdoor lighting. For example, if you are looking for a table lamp with a fabric lampshade, wall lights with a tiltable spot or an LED spot with a lockable cover at the top, you will find these in our category with indoor lighting and indoor lamps. Buy our pendant lamps and ceiling lights in combination with an LED light source with a gold coloured, titanium or transparent window or to give your living room, hallway, kitchen or bedroom more atmosphere. If you are interested in our indoor lighting but would like to view it first, you can make an appointment in our showroom. We have all hanging lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps and spot lights in stock to give you a good impression of our indoor lighting. In short, don't wait any longer and view our indoor lighting and buy, for example, a bronze up and down cube wall lamp or several ceiling spots with rotating spots for your interior. Simply place your order with indoor lighting online and enjoy our 30-day cooling off period to make a safe online purchase. Illuminate your toilet or bathroom with our modern interior lighting, sleek interior lamps and trendy cool design lighting from Manves!

Window Hardware, Door Hardware and Toilet Fittings

Do you have a nostalgic or 1930s home and are you looking for a door knob, letter plate, door handle or coat hook that fits seamlessly with this type of interior style? At Manves Trading in Elst we specialize in rustic door fittings, monumental window hardware and trendy cool toilet closures for both indoor and outdoor use. For example, in our page with interior door fittings you will find various toilet closures, door crutches, pump espagnolettes and door handle rosettes made of brass and bronze at affordable prices. But also for nickel, cast iron, steel, chrome plated and key rosettes you will succeed in our category with door fittings and toilet handware. If you are specifically looking for robust cabin hooks, wrought iron tail lock bolts or ventilation grilles for your exterior door, we also offer these for sale online in our webshop. In short, in our section with window and door accessories you will always find the best quality window fittings, door hardware and bathroom closures for outdoors or indoors. In addition to our collection with interior door and exterior door accessories, we also sell various bathroom hooks, wardrobe hooks, tea towel hooks and towel hooks made of high quality materials. In addition, we sell high quality door knobs, post letter plates, door numbers and house letters in our section with external door fittings. Think of bronze colored door knockers, rust colored letter plates, matted nickel front door knobs and doorbells or pull bells made of polished brass. In short, in our user friendly online webshop you will find generous window fittings, door hardware and toilet closures for every type of house or hotel. If, after reading this description, you still have questions about our collection of door knockers, crutch handles, wall hooks, toilet closures or long handle shields, please feel free to contact us for more information about our door hardware, window fittings and bathroom closures.

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