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Facade Decoration

Façade decoration in classic & country style

Decorate your home with the facade decoration of Manves. In our product range you will find a diversity of façade decoration. Decorate your outside wall or facade with, for example, a beautiful flagpole holder or signboard in a classic or country style. In our page with facade decoration you will find exclusive nameplates for next to the front door as well as wall decorations such as a wall anchor wall ornament. In addition, Manves has a selection of window decorations where you have to think of a beautiful tree of life in front of the window of your door or garage door. If you are specifically looking for bronze house letters or iron house numbers, brass wall rosettes, cast iron ventilation grilles, court supplier shields or wrought iron door shutters you will find these in our page with old-fashioned facade decoration. Do you want to know more about our collection with steel cover grilles, round air grilles or wall rosettes for outside on the facade or outside wall? Then let our employees inform you about the possibilities of our nostalgic facade decoration. In short, for the online purchase of cast iron stable windows, aluminum front door nameplates, medieval door grilles and rustic flagpole holders you always succeed in the page with facade decoration from Manves.


Facade decoration for outside on the wall

Do you want to decorate your facade or wall with facade decoration for outside? In the range of Manves you will find beautiful wall decorations for outside or inside. Think of wall decorations such as billboards, signboards, nameplates, flagpole holders or wall ornaments. With this beautiful facade decoration you give your home a classic or rural look. Place a flagpole holder or flagpole holder next to the window as an exclusive facade decoration. You can also contact us for beautiful name plates, name plates or a house number plate for next to the front door. Place a nameplate or flagpole holder as wall decoration and/or facade decoration outside the door of your house for just that little bit of extra atmosphere. Engrave a nameplate or nameplate with your house number or your own name. Our cheap nameplates are available with a car, sailboat, horse and cat. Would you like to make your own facade decoration? You can remove these figures and replace them with, for example, a figure made of stainless steel. But you can also visit our facade decoration page for wall decorations such as rustic billboards or outdoor signs. For example, you will find a classic billboard or rural sign that is suitable as facade decoration for any type of facade. Another form of facade decoration is, for example, placing a graceful old-fashioned pull bell, door letter or bell push on the wall of your facade or shed. At Manves you will find decorative wall accessories such as wall ornaments for, for example, a rural farmhouse, classic mansion or a nostalgic home. Place a door number with a house number addition made of metal as a wall ornament or as a wall decoration against the facade of your home. If you are specifically looking for window decoration, you will also succeed in the Manves webshop. In our section with facade decoration you will find graceful trees of life with French lilies, antique door rosettes and romantic wall grilles. Place a classic tree of life in front of the window of your front door or garage door for a rural or nostalgic look. But you can also contact us for buying old-fashioned window latches, rustic door grilles, architectural rosettes for mounting on your wall or door and romantic ventilation grates. In our country facade decoration page you will find various wrought iron decorative grilles, cast iron cover grilles, steel wall anchors and Gothic wall rosettes at competitive prices. Curious about our collection with rural facade decoration? Then take a look at our page with classic and rural facade decoration and be surprised by our special grilles, exclusive rosettes and decorative name plates for outside next to the front door.

Sorts of facade decoration

At Manves you can buy facade decoration in all shapes and sizes! Take, for example, a nameplate or sign made of aluminum with a graceful figure. In our webshop you can buy these made of stainless steel or durable cast iron. In addition to our collection with facade decoration, you can also decorate your home with outdoor window decoration. In the assortment with facade decoration you will find a beautiful tree of life with French lilies, available in two sizes. But you can also succeed in our webshop for an outdoor wall ornament. Think of a bronze royal supplier wall shield or aluminum saddle carrier for the wall. Place a bronze wall ornament on the facade for an exclusive or cozy look with a rural atmosphere. Are you specifically looking for wall decoration made of wood? You will also find these in our collection with facade decoration. At Manves, we give a warranty period of no less than three years on the material and coating on all facade decorations. Our facade decoration is powder coated in black or antique green and therefore has weather-resistant properties. To give you a general impression, we have listed a number of types of facade decoration and wall decoration for outside, such as pressure bells, wall shields, flag holders and iron door shutters:

  • Cast iron round & square stable windows
  • Wrought iron door sign with horse, car and mill
  • Aluminum flagpole holders with cort suppliers shield
  • Brass window grilles and bronze door shutters and latches
  • Bronze, chrome, black and iron door letters and house numbers

Wall decoration for inside and outside

Are you looking for wall decoration? In our webshop you will find facade decoration for both indoor and outdoor use. Our wall decoration is available in a classic, rural, nostalgic and rustic atmosphere. Place a flagpole holder, brass doorbell push, horse wall ornament or a nameplate at the front door as a wall decoration for just that little bit of extra atmosphere. For example, our facade decoration is ideal for a farmhouse or country house in classic or rural style. If you are looking for wall decorations for outside, you can also think of signboards, name plates, name plates or advertising signs for example above the front door or above the door of the garage, shed or stable. For example, place beautiful cast iron trees of life in front of the window as window decoration for a robust look. In short, our wall decoration fits on and with every type of wall, facade, wall for outside on the facade of your house. Curious about our facade decoration? Take a look at our page with facade decoration or contact us. Our customer service can be reached on telephone number 085-0656430 or email us for all your questions regarding our decorative doorbell pushes, flagpole holders and house letters and house numbers in our page with facade decoration!

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