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Indoor lighting

Modern & trendy indoor lighting

Are you looking for a shop for online purchase of high-quality indoor lighting with a trendy or modern design? At Manves in Elst we sell various light fixtures for indoor use against the ceiling or interior wall. For example, our collection of indoor lighting consists of hanging lamps with a glass lampshade, up & down wall lamps made of solid aluminum and ceiling lamps with a contemporary design. But you will always succeed in our webshop for ceiling spotlights and surface mounted spotlights for against the wall. You can also buy our indoor lamps with a 30 day cooling-off period so that you always make a safe online purchase. Apply our indoor lighting as kitchen lighting, bedroom lighting, toilet lighting or bedroom lighting and give your interior some extra atmosphere. In short, don't wait any longer and view our collection of indoor lighting and illuminate your home in a distinctly trendy or modern style. For additional information about the applications and the connection of our indoor lighting or indoor lamps, please consult the Manves helpdesk.


Want to buy Modern, Sleek or Design Indoor Lighting?

Are you looking for high quality indoor lighting with a modern, trendy cool, sleek or contemporary design? At Manves in Elst we sell various indoor ceiling lamps, spot lamps, hanging lights with nylon cord or up down wall lamps that match a decorative interior. For example, our ceiling spotlights are suitable for use as bathroom lighting, bedroom interior lighting, toilet lighting or to illuminate the dining table in your living room. For example, if you are looking for a design ceiling lamp with a glass lampshade in the colors dark grey, gold, titanium or chrome, we will sell these in our page with interior lighting and then ceiling lamps. In our category with hanging lamps we also have various hanging lamps with similar glass so that they match each other for a special light effect. In addition, our indoor lamps are ideal for use indoors and outdoors as, for example, kitchen lighting, wall lighting, toilet lighting, dining table lighting or mood lighting for the living room. For example, place a gold coloured wall spotlight next to the mirror of the bathroom wall and illuminate your shower, bath or towel rail. You can also visit our category with indoor lighting and lamps for robust up-down lighting with a bronze, brushed aluminum, brass or dark gray finish. For example, some of our up & down wall lamps have an IP 54 values ​​so that they can be used as wall lighting for indoors or facade lighting for outdoor use. For example, place a square cube wall lamp outside your front door or an oval up down wall lamp next to your toilet door for extra light and cosiness. We also sell all indoor fixtures with a generous 1-year warranty and if you place an online purchase in our webshop, you have a generous reflection period of no less than 30 days. In short, for buying modern indoor lighting, up lighting and downlighting and painting lighting of the highest quality, you will always succeed at Manves indoor lighting in Elst Gelderland. For example, have you seen a sleek ceiling light, industrial moon bowl hanging lamp, glass retro ceiling lamp or a table lamp and do you want more information? The Manves employees are happy to help you and can inform you about the applications of our energy efficient pendant luminaires, table lighting, living room lighting, mood lighting and design interior lighting. Our lighting specialists can also inform you about the applications of direct and indirect light and the light intensity, light color and Kelvin values ​​of our indoor lighting.

Surface Mounted and Secessed Spots as Accent Lighting

Do you want to create an attractive interior by means of a wall spotlight or ceiling spotlight, by aiming it at a painting, granite statue or houseplant in the living room? Our surface mounted spots and recessed spots from our section with interior lighting are of the highest quality and are supplied with a ceiling cap and mounting material as standard. For example, our spotlights are tiltable, rotatable and waterproof and can be perfectly used as mood light or atmospheric indoor lighting. In addition, you can look at the Kelvin values ​​to determine the color of the light. Basically, the higher the Kelvin values, the cooler the light. But you can also visit our webshop for ceiling spots, facade spots, indirect spotlights and garage spots. For example, our range consists of wall and ceiling spots with 1, 2, 3 or four spot lights on a base plate that are also rotatable. For example, illuminate the dining table, bathroom sink, sofa or your kitchen island with a spotlight from Manves and choose A-quality interior lighting for a well-lit interior. You can also contact Manves indoor lighting for additional information about drawing up an indoor lighting plan. Our lighting experts can tell you everything about our spot lights, floodlights, tiltable wall spots and facade spots for indoor use. In short, in our section with interior lighting and interior lamps you will always find the most beautiful industrial factory hanging lamps, Up & Down interior lamps and desk lamps with a distinctly modern design. Don't wait any longer and go to our indoor lighting category and view our spotlights, facade spots, accent spots, recessed spots and surface-mounted spots for both indoor and outdoor use.

Trendy Indoor Lamps made of high quality Materials

In our indoor lighting category, we offer various indoor lamps made of durable and high-quality materials. For example, our ceiling lamps are made of solid and thick aluminum and are thermally coated in a golden, black, dark gray, white or bronze color. We also sell our wall spotlights and ceiling lights with a GU10 fitting or an integrated LED panel with a high number of burning hours. In addition, our ceiling lamps and ceiling lamps are fitted with real mouth-blown glass and are available in various colours. For example, if you are looking for lamps or lights in your bathroom that are resistant to moisture, it is best to look at wall spotlights or ceiling spotlights with an IP value of 54 or higher. These lamps are also extremely suitable for outdoor use because they have waterproof properties. All interior lamps in our category with interior lighting are also supplied with the necessary mounting material, which consists of nylon plugs and steel or stainless steel screws. If you also want to use our interior lighting as accent lighting to illuminate a wooden sliding door, hard stone interior staircase, stone floor or plastic bust, then you can do that with our up & down interior lamps and ceiling lamps. In short, for the application of direct or indirect light in your home, you will always succeed in our page with modern indoor lighting and trendy indoor lamps. To give you a good idea of ​​our collection with retro basic lighting and modern indoor lighting, we have highlighted a number of indoor lamps below to give you an impression:

  • Ceiling lights with 1, 2, 4 or 4 rotatable and tiltable spots
  • Glass pendant lights with chrome, amber or smoked glass
  • Standing floor lamps with a black or white fabric lampshade
  • Up Down Cube lighting made of brass, aluminum, bronze or steel
  • Bathroom lamps for next to the mirror, bath, shower or towel rack

Up & Down Lighting for every interior

Do you have a wall or object that you want to illuminate by means of an up & down wall lamp with an atmospheric and pleasant light temperature? In the Manves webshop we sell various wall and accent lamps that belong to the A-segment in terms of modern indoor lighting and stylish indoor lamps. For example, we sell various Up & Down indoor lighting that can be used as Up Lighting, Downlighting and Cross Lighting to create an attractive interior. But you can also find Wash Lighting with a pleasant light intensity in our indoor lighting category. For example, place a square, round or oval Up Down wall lamp next to your bathroom mirror or behind the wall of your sofa and provide your interior with direct or indirect light. Our Cube up- and downlights are also easy to connect to a 230 volt power network and come with a comprehensive 1-year warranty. In short, use our Up & Down facade spotlights as accent lighting, painting lighting, kitchen lighting or facade lighting and illuminate your home in style. Some of our Up Down indoor lamps can also be used as outdoor lighting for next to the front door, garden door or against the facade of your home. Pay particular attention to the IP values ​​of the wall lamp so that it can be used with waterproof properties. In short, for the online purchase of sleek or design indoor lighting such as square Up & Down lamps with a parallel beam or an up-down wall light with a closable top, you will always succeed in our webshop.

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