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Purchase accessories for window or door?

Are you looking for rustic accessories for your window or door? At Manves you will always succeed if your wanting to buy classic window fittings and rural door hardware made of materials like bronze, brass, stainless steel and iron for sharp prices. For example, if your looking your looking for a door knockers, letterbox flaps, door knobs, sliding locks, latches or rosettes then you can find them in our page of window and door. But we can also help with old-fashioned espagnolettes, bronze toilets closures, door garnish in French style and fitting for your inner door or outer door. Are you specifically looking for iron door handles, wrought iron door handles or steel long shields with key or cylinder hole then you can find those in our column window fittings and door fittings. In short, at Manves you can find several door latches in 1930s style, key rosettes with ornaments, stainless steel slide doors and brass pull bells for next to the front door that will be delivered with a reassuring guarantee period. If you have any questions about our collection of window and door accessories or would you like to know more about our products of our window hardware or door fittings then feel free to contact us through our Helpdesk. Decorate your door with the exclusive coat hooks, nostalgic window handles and cast iron window grilles of Manves in Elst!

Collection with accessories for window and door

Are you a fan of monumental window and door accessories for both indoors and outdoors? At Manves in Elst Gelderland you can buy classic hinges and locks, rustic inner door fittings, old antique outer door hardware and rural building hardware. In our page of window and door you can find several accessories such as old-fashioned door knobs, architectural trimmings, romantic letterbox flaps and old-fashioned Dutch window fittings. Are specifically looking for nostalgic window handles, stainless steel window stops, robust door grips with porcelain handle or a rustic charming door knocker the you will succeed in our page of window and door necessities. But also for online purchases of high-quality sliding door bowls, cast iron window tree of life ornaments, black door handles and victorian grilles and grates for your window or door we will be able to help. Besides that, our renaissance window necessities and door articles will be delivered with a reassuring three year warranty on the materials like bronze, copper, wrought iron, cast iron and brass. Let’s say you buy a Kempisch long shield, renaissance toilet closure, modern door rosette, monumental espagnolet or a farmers handle set all in our page of window and door accessories with a standard three year warranty. Besides the fact that Manves sells fittings online for your outbuilding inner door or outer door we also sell hinges and locks for a brick nut for example. Think orca rustic or authentic mailbox flap that will be mounted through the use of iron screws in the wall. Besides the named accessories for window and door you can also buy for example pull bells for at the front door, nostalgic door rosettes, black window rosters, massive hinges and hinges made of old French window handles with a luxurious look. In short, At Manves hinges and locks in Elst you will always succeed for the most beautiful authentic door decoration and old Dutch window decoration for creating a nostalgic ambiance with a lush touch. Because our window and door accessories are edited with decorative ornaments like French Lillies, mood-determining flowers, surprising style accents and special 20th century architectural style decorations you can put your facade or interior in the spotlights. Do you have a house with a modern design and are you looking for hinges and locks that suits your style then you will also succeed in this column with accessories for window and door. We sell several door slides cups made of stainless steel, the 30’s door handles, steel rosettes and window handles that are extremely suitable for a retro, sleek or domestic interior and exterior. Assemble a polished nickel barrel model against your door brass expanding iron or bronze window with a closing hook against your window for a nostalgic ambiance with an architectural design. If you are interested after reading all of this feel free to take a look at our collection of durable accessories for window and door then take a look at our page of rustic window fittings, rural door hardware, popular inner door accessories, royal family outer door articles and modern door handles. For any questions about our rural door handles, nostalgic front door letterbox cover plate, romantic door knockers and corrosion-resistant door fittings in our page of window and door accessories you can contact us through our Helpdesk. Let our employees inquire you about the applications and materials of our window and door accessories for both indoors and outdoors.

Hinges and locks in several materials

Would you like your front door, barn door or inner door assemble with high quality hinges and locks made of nickel, brass, copper, bronze, aluminum or cast iron? Manves is a store that is specialized in accessories for window and door with the best quality materials. You can find several bronze door handles, brass knockers for on the front door, wrought iron window and door rosettes and cast iron door knobs for an exclusive appearance. Are specifically looking for a brass pull bell, stainless steel sliding doors, old iron window lattice or a metal hinge for your stable door then we sell the right necessities. But also for window and door accessories and hinges and locks like steel door fittings, nickel window shutters, sheet steel rosettes, brass key rosettes and espagnolettes with a high carbon content you can visit our user-friendly webshop. In short, At Manves you can buy victorian hinges and locks the most beautiful bronze window and copper door necessities for a robust and solid finish. Besides the fact that our window and door accessories are made of durable materials and metals our products are also provided with a hard powder coating lacquer layer in a black, green, grey or chrome variant. Because our outside window, inside window, outer door and inner door accessories are made of of luxurious metals you will give your entrance or interior a special look with a fairy-tale ambiance. To give you an impression of our collection of cast iron window and door accessories and wrought iron hinges and locks for windows or doors we have put a few products down below:

  • Solid brass window handles
  • Old iron longschild with cylinder hole
  • Bronze door knockers with cast iron ring
  • Nickel toilet closure with enamel slide latch
  • Wrought iron window grate, grille and lattice for on the front door

Application for window fittings and door hardware

Do you have a front door, stable door, inside window or kitchen window that you want to provide with rural window or door accessories? At Manves you can find several hinge and lock products to buy that are suitable for closing your bathroom, bedroom, a connecting door, kitchen window, upstairs window or barn door. In our page of classic window and door accessories you can find rural window handles for example with a regular handle or rotating handle for a high quality finish. Also for outside accessories for your garage door, stable door, door of your hay barn, bicycle shed or coach house we sell the associated hinge and lock articles. For example place as style accent a bronze door knocker against your door, brass pull bell next to the back door. Or on a slide door for an old nostalgic ambiance with an authentic appearance. But also for window fittings and door fittings for your roof window, balcony door, horse stable door, covered outdoor kitchen we sell de most beautiful brass handles and wrought iron door hinges in our page of window and door accessories. Besides that are our inner door fittings and outer door hardware suitable for commercial use and private applications because our window and door components are made of the best quality materials. For example place a stainless steel door handle or cast iron toilet closure in the 1920s,1930s,1940s style against the door of your restaurant, hotel, farm, rural residence or rustic villa and choose for a quality product with maintenance-friendly and corrosion resistant properties. Do you have a window shutter, espagnolet, longshilds, barrel model or seen other garnishes with a medieval or castle design and would you like more information? Feel free to contact us through our phone number 085-0656430 or send a direct e-mail to let you inquire about the applications of these components. Create a 20th century architectural style, royal family design or architectural ambiance with the door and window components and hinge and lock accessories of Manves door decoration and window decoration in the neighbourhood of Elst. With the strategic window and door components you choose the best quality and provide your front door, porch doors or inner doors with most beautiful architect style.

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