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Classic & Rural garden lighting

Do you have plans to decorate the terrace with classical garden lighting? Manves has various lamps for the garden. Are you looking for garden spots or an LED outdoor lamp suitable for solar energy? Our garden lighting is extremely suitable for these multiple types of light sources. Place a standing lantern, garden lamp or ground spot outside at the front door for a classic and rural atmosphere. In addition, our garden lighting and garden lamps can be used as nostalgic mood lighting for a farm or country house. Are you looking for a standing monumental garden lantern, old-fashioned outdoor lantern, square or round ground spot with real glass or a separate lamp for a brick pillar, then you always succeed in our page with Old Dutch garden lighting. For example, we have a large collection of garden lighting with low outdoor floor lamps, round ball lamps on a base, lanterns with high or low posts and 20th century outdoor lamps that can be used as romantic accent lighting. In short, take a good look at our square and round garden lamps for outside on the gate pillar, next to the garden path or along the driveway in our page with authentic garden lighting. Contact our customer service for the possibilities of our garden lighting in country and rustic style.


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Buy classic garden lighting and garden lamps?

Looking for garden lighting in classic or country style? In our range you will find the most beautiful standing outdoor garden lighting for the best price. With classic garden lighting you can think of many types of lamps. For example, in our page with classic garden lighting and garden lamps you will find a collection with, for example, a standing garden lamp, garden lantern, lantern lamp, outdoor lantern or a floor lamp. These lamps are extremely suitable as a classic outdoor lamp for outside in the garden or next to the pond. In addition, our outdoor lamps and garden lamps are available in a modern, classic, rural or rustic style. With the rural garden lighting from Manves you give your driveway or terrace an exclusive and attractive look. For example, all nostalgic garden lamps and classic garden lighting are suitable for installing an energy-efficient LED lamp, light bulb, solar or energy saving lamp with a motion sensor. For example, if you have a dark corner in your garden and you are looking for fence garden lighting such as rural outdoor lanterns to illuminate large areas, then our classic old lampposts might be something for you. These garden lighting or street lamps are ideal for a small or large garden and are also ideal for use as classic or rural street lighting.

Garden lighting and garden lamps on 12 volts

If you are specifically looking for 230 volt garden lighting such as a classic pedestal lamp, patio lamp, rural front door lamp, retro bulb lamp or a standing stainless steel outdoor lamp, you can find it in our page with classic garden lighting. You can also contact us for 12 volt garden lighting such as an outdoor table lamp in the materials copper, bronze or aluminum. These 12 volt outdoor table lamps are ideal for creating a sturdy and timeless rural atmosphere. In short, with the classic garden lighting and home lighting from Manves you can decorate your rural farm, house or home with rustic style lighting. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of our rural and classic garden lighting on 230 volts? Please contact us about the possibilities of our beautiful rural garden lighting with a classic edge.

Solar, Hue and fencer sensor garden lighting

Decorate your garden with classic LED or solar garden lighting! Think of rural standing outdoor lamps made of stainless steel, aluminum or nickel with a Hue light source that look classic. Naturally, our rural garden lighting and garden lamps are available in several models with a Hue light source or with a fencer sensor. For example, in our page with classic garden lighting we sell bronze garden lamps, copper solar outdoor lanterns, brass floor lamps and standing LED garden lighting made of durable aluminum. These materials are ideal for outside in the garden, on the terrace or next to the driveway or pond. All classic garden lighting and floor lamps in the standing or hanging variants are provided with a hard armored coating, which gives our classic garden lighting weather-resistant properties. The paintwork of our classic garden lighting with twilight sensor is available as standard in the colors black or antique green.

Garden lighting with plastic light globes

For example, if you are looking for a bulb lamp as classic outdoor garden lighting, in the color white, it is available at a small additional cost. Illuminated bulbs or also called outdoor bulb lamps are extremely decorative. The glass of these spheres is made of hard plastic acrylic or lexan glass and can be used on a classic plinth or separate lamppost. These rural garden bulbs can also be mounted flat on the floor as ground spots for garden lighting with a retro look. To give you a general impression of our rural garden lighting, we have listed a number of classic and rural lamps with plastic light bulbs below:

  • Square bronze outdoor lamp
  • Hexagon aluminum garden lantern
  • Pedestal lamp with bronze pedestal
  • Copper garden lamp with a round lid
  • Aluminum outdoor lantern with ornament

LED garden lighting for a pillar

Create a rural atmosphere with classic LED garden lighting! With the classic outdoor mood lighting from Manves you give your garden, driveway, terrace or home the perfect light image. Shine a little light on a weather vane, water feature or on a pillar with a classic LED spot or classic LED lamp. Our rural lighting is ideal for use as stable lighting, driveway lighting, street lighting and classic garden lighting. For example, if you have a beautiful classic farmhouse, rural country house, mansion or a rural house, you will certainly succeed in our user-friendly webshop. Place a classic pedestal lamp outside in front of the stable or mount a column or pillar lamp on the gate of your rural residential area as rural pole garden lighting. In short, for standing LED lanterns and standing outdoor lamps, standing outdoor lamps for a brick pillar or poer are always the right choice at

Ground and garden spots as garden lighting

In addition, we supply various exclusive garden lighting such as ground spots and front door lamps to illuminate the front door of your house or garden path. These rural ground lamps and ground spots give a timeless and fairytale effect to your yard. Are you looking for an offer on classic garden lighting and brass garden spotlights or have you seen a rural lamppost or several outdoor lanterns, but would you like some more information? Please contact us about the possibilities of our rural garden lighting. We can be reached on telephone number or mail us at for more specifications regarding our classic garden lighting.

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