Outdoor lighting

Classic & Country style outdoor lighting

Looking for beautiful outdoor lighting with a classic touch? With our atmospheric outdoor lighting you give your driveway and terrace a nostalgic, classic or rural look. With the right garden lamp or outdoor lamps you create a rustic ambiance. Our classic outdoor lighting is available for on the facade or wall. You can also come to us for floor lamps with an LED energy efficient light source and sensor. Or hang an exclusive Manves lamp on the ceiling of your extension for the most beautiful porch lighting. Are you looking for a medieval outdoor wall lighting, old-fashioned lantern lighting, romantic garden lanterns or outdoor lighting components, then you will always succeed in our page with wall and standing pastoral style outdoor lighting. In short, take a look at our collection with rustic and classic outdoor lighting and be surprised by our collection with timeless standing outdoor lamps, robust street lamps, 20th century architectural style outdoor wall lamps and royal and Old Dutch outdoor lighting! You can also come to Manves Outdoor Lighting for outdoor lamp components such as real clear glazing, plastic bulbs, lamp bases and loose posts and copper, bronze, brass and aluminum lampshades.

Outdoor lighting in Classic style

Light up/illuminate your garden with outdoor lighting in a Classic or country style! In our big collection with Classic and rural lighting you will always be able to find the perfect traditional outdoor lamp. Are you looking for a functional Classic standing garden lamp for in the garden, garage, stable, driveway or against the facade or fence? With us you will always find a cheap deal or sharp price when it comes to buying Classic outdoor lighting. Our collection with outdoor lighting exists out of the most beautiful country style outdoor wall lamps. Robust terrace lamps, classic and nostalgic standing outdoor lamps. You will also be able to find antique French stable lamp, modern and design outdoor lighting made of stainless steel with a LED light source. The classic garden lamps from Manves are ideally applicable for a house or farm in a rustic or country style ambiance. For example place a exclusive wall lamp against the wall or hang a lamp against the ceiling with a chain as porch lighting. These ceiling lights and/or hang lanterns serve perfect as classic outdoor lighting or country style ceiling lights for your construction or shed. Are you looking specifically for outdoor lighting or wall lighting with a classic or country style touch? Manves has a selection of wall lanterns, facade lanterns, flat wall lighting and half facade lamps. This type of classic outdoor lighting serves perfect as exclusive fence lighting or as decorative item next to the front door. Are you looking for outdoor lighting in the direction of a classic outdoor lantern or a nostalgic lamppost because you can find those at the page classic lampposts. because of the broad spectrum of classic and country style outdoor lighting Manves is able to offer a solution to every garden or terrace. But have you ever thought about authentic lighting techniques or old street lighting? Streetlights are not the first option we think about when we are looking for outdoor lighting. But with these high cast iron garden lanterns you can perfectly light up big surfaces and that’s why they are ideally applicable as outdoor lighting. These lanterns are available as complete models but also in separate components. That way you can put together your very own outdoor lighting with the separate components. At our outdoor lighting and components page you can find components such as glass for a wall lamp or classic outdoor lamp. But also for wall support, porcelain, E-27 fitting or lampshades and light caps we will be able to help. In short, At Manves you are at the right place when it comes to classic or rural outdoor lighting. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of accent lighting or classic outdoor lighting? Feel free to contact us through our customer service and let yourself inquire about our total assortment outdoor lighting in classic style!

Outdoor lighting and choice of material

Looking for classic outdoor lighting in different material? In our collection of classic and country style outdoor lighting you have choice of a classic floor lamp, hanging lamp or facade lamp in several shapes and sizes. Do you think for instance of a French stable lamp, a classic bronze garden lamp or a hanging wall lamp made of copper or aluminium. Our copper outdoor lighting consists of lamps with a round lid or a lampshade with hexagon form. Besides that we sell outdoor lighting with nautical en maritime boat lamp For against the wall or ceiling. The boat outdoor lighting is available in the material nickel, brass, copper and bronze. Because of the usage of of these metals our outdoor lamps have weather-resistant properties. Hence that we give a three year warranty our lacquer work and ten years on the classic garden lamps and outdoor lanterns made of bronze and copper. Manves also has a few small country style ground spots, solar and LED lamps. These energy-efficient outdoor lighting ideal for assembling a motion detector with sensor. Place a LED light source in a standing classic pedestal lamp, front door lamp or column lamp for the wished effect. All classic garden lamps and country style wall lamps and/or outdoor wall lamps are to provide of a E-27 fitting where you can put a light bulb, energy saving lamp or any other light source in. Would you like to know more about outdoor lighting? We have made a summary of classic and rural outdoor lighting for you:

  • Copper stable lamp round
  • Round boat lamp nickel
  • Hexagon bronze wall lamp
  • Standing outdoor lamp brass
  • Square aluminium wall lamp

Application for our outdoor lighting

Decorating your garden with classic outdoor lighting according to the latest garden trends? With the outdoor lamps of Manves you can transform your garden, stairs, facade, fence, wall, driveway or terrace into a true fairy tale. On our page in the classic outdoor lighting section you can find low and high terrace lamps for every type of house. With this outdoor terrace lighting you can shine lightly on a copper wind cock, beds, bushes, trees, statues or a mailbox on a pole. In our assortment of outdoor lighting you can find a lot of different lamps to use for making those garden accessories shine! Use a ground spot, pedestal lamp, outdoor lantern or garden lantern to light up a sundial or to make it shine! We also have some appropriate classic and rural lighting for the driveway or the property. Our driveway lighting consists mainly of classic cast iron lampposts, old large lanterns of metal. For the construction of your porch Manves has the most beautiful porch lighting, Think about outdoor hanging lanterns, ceiling lights, chain lamps and classic ceiling lamps. We also have maritime ceiling lighting our collection of classic outdoor lighting. Hang a boat lamp on a chain for a beautiful chain lamp. Besides that our classic outdoor lighting is perfect for hanging up in the dining room, living room or perhaps an outdoor kitchen. Also for a farm or Manor Manves has the appropriate classic outdoor lighting, With French stable lighting you can light up your stable with pure class. Place an old/ancient/old-time French stable lamp against a wall of the stable for a nostalgic look with moonlight-effect. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of our classic outdoor lighting? Feel free to contact us on the phone number 085-0656430 or send an e-mail us for more information about the applications of our classic outdoor lighting.

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