Door hardware

Want to buy door hardware for inside or outside?

Are you searching for classic door hardware and fittings for your interior door or exterior door? At Manves we are selling country style and rural hinges and locks made of bronze, cast iron, wrought iron against competitive prices. So you will find in our collection with door hardware old fashioned door garniture, rustic door rosettes, nostalgic toilet locks and antique espagnolettes for mounting on your inner door. You can also visit our page with robust door fittings for cast iron door lattice and grilles, iron door handles, outside door knockers with ornaments and bronze letterbox plates and flaps for mounting on the front door or garage door. Are you specifically looking for 1930s door hardware with a porcelain hand grip, monumental door long shields and covers, luxurious door knobs or brass pulling doorbells then you will always succeed in our user friendly webstore. But also for door fittings and building construction hardware as steel door crutches, iron door hinges, stainless steel sliding door grips and bowls, country style door locks, barn ground latches and key rosettes you will succeed at Manves. In short, are you looking for a online or physical store for buying hinges or locks and door hardware fittings in old style then Manves has everything in stock. Have you become curious about our door fittings as bronze door handle rosettes, stainless steel door crutches and grips or cast iron tree of life window ornaments then you will find these in our webshop.


Assortment with inner and outer door fittings hardware

Are you looking for a store nearby to buy a high-quality interior door fittings or exterior door hardware with an old-fashioned style? At Manves hinges and locks in Elst, we sell a wide variety of door accessories for both inside and outside. On our page, you’ll find door fittings, building hardware, decorative door knockers with a lion’s head, hand ornaments, gate knockers and rustic door knockers for assembling on the front door, gate, garden doors, and stable doors. Are you specifically looking for romantic doorknobs, rural front door knobs, monumental door handles with a black powder coating or antique letterbox plates for indoor and outdoor, then you will always find what you are looking for on our page with lots of exclusive interior door fittings and authentic exterior door fittings. For example, in our section with interior door fittings, you will find various door handles with the 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s design, equipped with a porcelain, wooden or plastic handle. If you are looking for spare parts for your partition door, barn door, garage door, back door or barn door, then you will find them all on our page with interior door and exterior door fittings. But also, for interior fittings such as monumental long plates, Old Dutch toilet locks with toilet pens, medieval door furniture, romantic espagnolettes, and homely door and handle rosettes you will succeed on our page with door fittings for both inside and outside. In addition, we sell online a large collection of romantic doorbells, tight draw bells, nostalgic letter plates, and pastoral-style doorknobs at competitive prices. For example, our national front doorknobs and door knockers are made of durable materials and are extremely suitable as building hardware, door hardware, interior hardware, and exterior hardware for a building or house with a Victorian, Kempish, Gothic, Old Dutch or royal architectural style. In short, for the online purchase or purchase of door fittings, building fittings or outdoor fittings with a rustic touch, you will always succeed on the webshop of Manves hinges and locks in the town of Elst. For example, did you see an old-fashioned doorknob, coat hook, toilet closure, 20th century architectural style door knocker, authentic tail bolt, French door slider, Italian door lock or contemporary window grille in our page with classic door fittings and would you like more information about the applications of this exterior or interior door fitting? Please contact our telephone helpdesk and be well informed about our collection with national door fittings, monumental building fittings, Renaissance exterior fittings, and modern interior fittings. For example, our architectural cabin hooks for closing your bathroom door, toilet door, barn door, garden door, garage door or back door are ideally suited as interior door fittings for a home with both a classical and a modern environment and you can decorate your interior or exterior in a luxurious way. Are you curious about our range with door fittings and hardware for your interior door or exterior door or are you interested in our rustic charming window grids and/or door grids, robust handles, popular black sliding door bowls, contemporary padlocks from our collection with door fittings for your interior door or exterior door? Look at our page with interior door fittings and exterior door fittings and be surprised with our tight door handles, Vida door furniture, pastor style garden door knockers, and French trees of life, romantic wall grids an grilles from our collection with door fittings and hardware for both inside and outside.

Door hardware and building fittings in several materials

Would you like to buy rural building hardware or classic door hardware made of high-quality metals? In the collection of Manves hinges and locks we sell various cast iron door latches, brass doorknobs, stainless steel, coat hooks, door handles and bronze door knockers that are extremely resistant to external influences. For example, door fittings are made of luxurious metals such as copper, brass, steel, iron, cast iron, wrought iron, and nickel and belong to the top segment of door fittings and construction hardware for your inner door or outer door. For example, if you have a farm, villa, hotel, restaurant or notary's house that you would like to provide with bronze, copper, black or stainless steel doorknobs with an old-fashioned patina, you will find them on our page with brass exterior door fittings and interior door fittings. But also, for old longitudinal shields made of diecast aluminum or cast aluminum for mounting on your bathroom door, bedroom door, kitchen door, or room door we sell the most beautiful door fitting for both inside and outside. In short, for buying metal door hooks, robust door locks, nickel-plated door locks, brushed pump espagnolettes and chrome door rosettes you will always succeed in our page with interior door fittings and exterior door fittings. If you have a specific question about our old Dutch door furniture made of brass steel, cast iron or wrought iron, you can consult our customer service for additional information. Our staff can tell you everything about our door fittings such as brass doorbells, bronze draw bells, solid iron door knocker and rough aluminum letter plates for your inner door or outer door. To give a clear picture of our collection with stainless steel door fittings, copper door handles, bronze long plates, fixed on rotating chrome front doorknobs and steel door handles, we have listed a few articles below:

  • Bronze letter plates with Post text
  • Cast iron door and window grilles with flowers
  • Brass door crutches with porcelain or wooden handles
  • Wrought iron and steel door latches and sliding door grips
  • Bronze longitudinal shields with rural and monumental ornaments

Applications for our interior hardware and exterior for your doors

Are you looking for country door hinges as door fittings for your barn door, garden door, garage door or other doors of your buildings? The exterior door and interior door fitting of Manves in the neighbourhood of Elst is ideal for buildings or houses with a pastoral style, classic, solid, old-fashioned, romantic or medieval architectural style and architectural style. In addition, our interior door and exterior door fittings are very suitable for mounting on your garden shed, balcony, veranda, outdoor kitchen or catering buildings because our door fittings are made of durable and high-quality materials. For example, if you have a hotel and would like to provide the entrance with rustic doorknobs with a lion's head, door knocker with ring, quadrangular door letterbox flap, door furniture with French lilies and ornaments or front door knobs with an Italian design, then you will always succeed in our page with door fittings for indoor or outdoor use. Have you seen a flower rosette or an ornamental rosette on our page with wall or wall rosettes and would you like more information about the applications of this door accessory? Our customer service can tell you everything about our attractive collection with handle, wall, facade, wall and door roses. For more information you can contact us by emailing or by calling 085-0656430 for more information. In short, for buying or strategically placing luxurious, exclusive, cozy or nostalgic door fittings for your interior door, stable door, garage door, and front door, you can go to Manves hinges and locks in the province of Gelderland in the town Elst. Would you like to know more about our collection with door knockers, long plates, coat hooks, door accessories, grids for windows and doors, letter plates, doorbells or handles for your inner door or sliding door? Then look at our page with hooks, door hardware, exterior fittings, interior fittings, and construction fittings. At Manves you can buy the most beautiful door and building hardware for your home or buildings at affordable rates with a reassuring guarantee period of one, three or ten years on our door fittings!

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