Loose components for outdoor lamps

Are you searching for loose spare parts for your floor lamps or outdoor wall lamps? In the product range of Manves you will find various parts and components for country style outdoor lamps, classic lantern posts and nostalgic outdoor lamps for outdoor use. Are you specifically looking for loose glass for a wall garden lamp, facade outdoor lamp or standing outdoor lantern then you always succeed in our collection with loose spare parts. You can also contact us for lampholders, lamp arms and brackets, pedestals, lamp shades and copper lid covers. We also sell paint spray cans in old-fashioned black and antique green or LED lamps with a day and night switch at competitive prices. If you are looking for separate parts such as 3 light or 5 lamp crown elements for your garden lantern or lamp pole then we also sell them in our page with outdoor lamp parts and components. In short, for buying cords and cables, chains, concrete blocks, screws and cap nuts you always succeed in our online parts page. So take a look at our page with loose parts for classic outdoor lamps and rural outdoor lighting and view our loose globes, spheres, ground cables, LED light sources, electrical ground connections and motion detectors for mounting your garden lamps!


Various outdoor lighting components

Do you want to assemble your own outdoor lighting with components? In the assortment of Manves you can find classic wall lighting, porch lighting, street lighting and standing outdoor lighting and also a selection of loose components. With our loose components you can assemble your very own outdoor lamp or simply replace a component within the lamp. For example: place a new light cup or a rural lamp shade for on the wall bracket of a outdoor wall lantern for a new look. In our page of loose components you can find high lantern poles, antique pedestals, old wall brackets, glass for a lantern and country style lampshades in several models. Our rural lampshades are available in a round, square and hexagon shape. These loose components are applicable on for example a classic standing outdoor lantern, rural outdoor wall lamp, nostalgic hanging lamp or a robust ground spot. You can also find loose components for a sundial or any other type of garden decoration. That way you can combine a beautiful sundial with an exclusive garden pedestal from our collection. But if your are specifically looking for loose glass for a lantern or a ceiling lamp then you will succeed in our page of loose components. Our glass lamps and light cups are available in three sizes and materials. Choose for plastic glass or a glass lamp made of real mouth-blown glass to finish the lamp. We also deliver loose fittings for classic and rural outdoor lamps. Provide a ceramic or porcelain fitting with an energy-efficient LED light source, light bulb or energy saving lamp for an extra ambiance effect. Because of our offer of loose components you won’t have to buy any new outdoor or garden lighting, but your outdoor lamps are simply provided with a new component. Do you have a classic or rural wall lamp and is the wall bracket with French Lillies or curls broken or damaged? Then take a look at our page of loose classic and rural components, and perhaps there’s a component among the others that will bring your lamp back to life. You can also get your components painted with hard paint in a handy spray can. Manves delivers these spray cans in the colors black and antique green. Would you like to know more about loose components of classic standing outdoor lamps for example? Feel free to contact us through one of our employees.

Components in several materials

Do you have a cast iron street lantern and is the lantern pole in need of replacement? Take a look at our page of pedestals and poles for outside and maybe there is an loose outdoor lantern that may interest you or perhaps an garden lantern or a light pole that will suit your street lighting. In our page of loose components you can find several components to change your current lighting completely. We sell bronze pedestals, copper lantern caps, aluminum light poles and porcelain fittings and loose light cups made of real glass. The glass is available in plastic acrylic glass and real mouth-blown window glass. These glass lamps and glass chalices will make sure that the light source of your outdoor lamp will be shielded from the elements. Besides that you can choose a aluminum wall bracket with decorative French curls or old ornaments. With our wall brackets you can give your wall lighting a classic or nostalgic look. If your looking for loose components like stainless steel, brass, nickel or a metal garden pedestal then you will succeed in our user-friendly website. In short, in our store you can find several components for classic outdoor lamps, rural garden lighting and nostalgic outdoor lighting. To give you an impression about our components we have put several components down below:

  • Round copper lampshade
  • Square aluminum pedestal
  • Round cast iron old lantern pole
  • Bronze lamp base with French Lillies
  • Stainless steel wall bracket with curls and ornaments

Application for outdoor lamp components

The loose components of Manves are applicable in several sorts and styles of outdoor lamps. If your looking for a retro, design, rural, modern or classic look you most likely will succeed at our website. In our page of loose components for outside you can find lantern poles, wall brackets, glass lamps, rural lampshades and garden pedestals for every type of garden, terrace, facade or the wall both indoors or outdoors. If you have a country style farm or classic manor and is your wall lighting in need of replacements? Then try and repair these outdoor lamps with one of our components first. Give your lamps next to the front door a new look and save a lot of money, by providing these with new wall brackets. But also for loose components for hanging lanterns or porch lamps we deliver the matching components. If your looking for a new chain for your hanging lantern or ceiling light then you can find that at our page of loose components. Have you become curious about our assortment of loose components? Then take a look at our page of components for garden lamps or outdoor lamps and find the right component that suits you. For more information you can contact us through our phone number 085-0656430 or e-mail us for the best advice about our loose components.

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